The values which guide HRC are fundamental to a sound working environment. We value individual needs and our objective is to create a common working ground with a global source of knowledge, where innovation and change are a catalyst for growth and opportunities.


HRC’s aim is to answers the needs of the HR World at both a global and local level. The Community organizes meet-ups and swaps in an exclusive and excellent context to share knowledge and competencies on managerial and strategic topics with leading experts and practitioners from managerial, institutional and academic areas as keynote speakers, opinion leaders and testimonials.

HRC creates high-level professional opportunities for Community network members to:

  • Create inter-company synergies
  • Develop valuable business solutions
  • Gain media visibility
  • Solve Business Issues
  • Choose the Best Partners
  • Dialogue with Institutions

Key competencies

Create, manage and develop HR, Managerial and Business Communities made up of individuals and organizations that share needs, solutions and new strategies.

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