4 December 2015

“When  East meets West”

Professions and Careers Overseas

Selected International HR Directors/Managers

Young professionals and students


The EF-HRC new education package

HrcEfWork abroad: how to know the rules of the game in the Country that will host you.

Career Guidance Workshops for school leavers, students and graduates with “job tricks” and “job suggestions” about hosting Country.

  • Workshops Join English lessons to the practical aspects of finding a job abroad
  • Job Orientation including meetings with Recruiters and HR Manager

HRC & EF Flyer


Be part of the event

  • Listen to renowned speakers and audience
  • Explore new trends and ideas
  • Meet international and national Top Managers
  • Live global benchmarking
  • Increase Business opportunities
  • Be an integral part of the Community
  • Enjoy best time in Shanghai

Envolve your colleagues

  • Share the opportunity to update management skills
  • Engage in knowledge sharing and in International “cross-fertilization”
  • Experience an high-level business event
  • Compare future ideas and perspectives with experts and top class managers
  • Benchmark experiences and practise with International colleagues
  • Enrich the Community

Have a staff meeting

  • Develop and consolidate a working team
  • Hold your own staff meeting on an International or National level
  • Teamwork in a unique and professional team context
  • Knowledge sharing with hundreds of colleagues, HR Directors and Managers from all over the world
  • Develop professional team skills
  • Compare the latest developments and insights in Management and in HR

Become a sponsor

  • Highlight your business with a captive audience
  • Create, develop and enhance credibility and brand awareness
  • Benefit from extended media exposure and visibility
  • Expand new business partnerships
  • Leverage lead generation
  • Build up good will and contribute to the community

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