Why Talent Days?

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Inspired by the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, HRC intends to help children of employees of member companies approach the World of Work in a more conscious way, helping them undertake a professional path in line with the current needs of the labour market and personal aspirations. How? In an interactive day-long career guidance workshop with professional members of the Community.


Working Abroad


  • Give employees’ children the opportunity to get career guidance.
  • Give value to the country’s job seekers involving your company
  • Create an Employer Branding activity

The workshops are set up as “learning labs ” to help develop awareness towards company dynamics and to give insights on the main players involved in the labour market. They are designed in such a way as to provide smart, rapid and effective information for today’s generation of young job seekers. The workshops are run with guest contributors from relevant organisations who deal with job placements and talent development on a daily basis.

  • Make participants aware of the current opportunities on the market
  • Propose useful tools and tips to job seekers
  • Introduce employees’ children and stakeholders to HR Directors and HR Managers of the Community as testimonials for career guidance.
  • Promote an inclusive career guidance culture with the positive message of “siamo tutti talenti”

Siamo Tutti Talenti


HRC Talent Days





  • SPEECH. Brief lecture – Case study tematico
  • Q&A Session. with partecipants and testimonial.
  • GROUP WORK. Skills Development Session.


  • JUNIOR. Aged 16-19
  • SCHOOL LEAVERS. Aged 19-25
  • POST-GRADS. Aged 22-30
  • MIXED. Aged 16-30


  • In-company (HRC Network Member Companies)


  • 1 Day. Min 6 hours

The added value

We work with Our member HR Directors and HR Managers

Expert HR Directors and HR Managers are on hand to share their know-how and experience in the field of HR. Practical advice, tips, trends and solutions to help and create a career path.

The multi-company added value

Experiencing HR at 360°with the input of Top Network. Managers and Directors enhance young job seekers’ awareness about the world of work.

Face the global market!

In every workshop useful information are given to participants to choose a global career path, sharing ideas and suggestion with experts from national and multinational companies. The many reasons to move to another country are analyzed, considering employment opportunities and infrastructures. The reasons for moving abroad will be very personal, but it’s important to consider all of these thing when choosing where to go to ensure the country chosen will tick as many boxes as possible.

Say yes to Talent Days

Many colleagues in the Community have agreed to participate as testimonials and to promote this initiative within their company. Get your company involved and join others that have shown great interest in the values that have inspired this project. Explore the idea further and see the social benefits for both company and country. Why not join us as a speaker? Share your experiences and know-how with tomorrow’s job seekers and help them approach the labour market with more confidence. It’s simple and there’s no need to prepare anything, your working experience is all that is needed! Invite other HR colleagues and friends to get a better perspective and to help prepare students in their future career paths. Host a Talent Day in your company. Promote this CSR initiative in your company and develop employer branding activities that can boost your company reputation.

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